Author: Paul Chan

Easy way to change keys on EC2 instances! (part 2)

In part 2, let’s continue our detailed guide to replace the key non-disruptively with GUI! Please be careful in this part as any mistake would rather your instance inaccessible. For my test, I temporally enabled password authentication just in case I broke the key access. Just follow the steps carefully and you will be fine.   3. Replacing keys on the EC2 instance I’ll use another useful GUI tools for the file transfer here. Install and open WinSCP: You need to first connect using your existing private key, provide the location of the old private key in the “Advanced…” menu, under...

Easy way to change keys on EC2 instances! (part 1)

The default way to access an EC2 instance remotely is using SSH keys. It’s a safe way to connect to your resources in the cloud. Recently we have to replace a key pair for one of our EC2 instance. It seems like a very simple process but my colleagues couldn’t find much solutions online. Some solutions they found involve stopping the instance and a bit of work detaching and attaching volume to new instance. There is an easier way to do this! You don’t even need to reboot the instance. I have put together this little guide for even non-technical people. It’s all using...

Snapmirror Throttling (7mode)

It’s a powerful tool to help manage the bandwidth especially if you have many synchronization scheduled around the same time. I use it quite often if I’m initializing snapmirror transfer during business hours: filer1> snapmirror initialize -k 10000 -S source_filer:source_vol destination_filer:destination_vol Please note that the unit is in Kbytes/second, minimum is 4Kbytes/sec You will also want to add the same parameter in the snapmirror.conf file too: source_filer:source_vol destination_filer:destination_vol kbs=10000 0 23 * * I’ll talk about the c-mode commands in a later post. It’s just as easy!